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Re: ? jiffy lube for 92-100CS

> I'm abouto due for an oil change. My Audi mechanic charges $50 for oil change
> (service & parts).   Our local fast-service oil change charges around $25
> (service, parts, basic checklist).   My car has a history:  tranny problems
> fixed (selonoids), dead tranny computer, O2 sensors, and somewhere in the
> engine, a "minor" leak (nothing dripping in the garage).  

> What precautions and words of wisdom can you share w/ me regarding using the
> cheaper alternative?  

They will put ATF in your power steering and wreck your hydraulic system.
If you tell them not to put anything in, they will make sure that
they top it up with ATF.  For this reason at least, I'd recommend
against the fast-service oil-change shops... then there is the
questionable quality oil filters they use...

You need to find a new mechanic.  A local dealer only charges $20
in Seattle.