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Re: 1998 BTCC rule changes - no Audi content

>> >And Audi have taken their ball away ...
>> Except  in Oz, where the 97 BTCC Audis will run, at least until a FWD car
>> is ready
>It is my understanding that this has changed and there will now be
>_NO_ Audi works entries in 1998:
>-->   "Audi reduces involvement in Touring Cars
>-->       Munich (gpa) - Audi reduces involvement in Touring
>-->    cars.  The German manufacturer will not enter works teams in
>-->    1998.  The company further stated on Monday that the new FWD
>-->    Audi A4 SuperTouring will be further developed by Audi's
>-->    long-term partner ROC-Auto."

The cars in Oz have never been Audi works entries. The cars are entered by
the Orix/AudiSport Australia team aka Brad Jones Racing. They recieve
funding from the local Audi distributor & Orix (a car leasing company).
Audi in Germany gives access to the cars & technical support, in the same
way they supported the South African , Italian & Belgian teams. I think the
only true works teams were for the BTCC & DTM, but I've been wrong before.

Audi must hold BJR in high esteem, Brad Jones was given a drive at Spa this
year in one the the works TDI Golfs & they were happy to pair him with
Beila  for Bathust last year. Interestingly, the Oz cars beat the BTCC
imports (Williams/Renault,Pugeot & the Opel Vectras).  Next year I think
the Europeans will take the mountain a bit more seriously, this year, none
of these extremely quick cars managed to finish. The finish was a nail
biting duel between local Audis& BMWs, who unfortunately were too quick for
the heavyweight Q's.

Certainly Brad Jones will be driving an ex BTCC Audi here next year. Audi
must start as favorites for the championship now that BMW has pulled out.
It wont be easy though, Audi will have stiff competition from a pair of ex
BTCC Pugs & a new Volvo.
Should make for interesting racing.


John Firkins