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SCCA Solo II aka Autocrossing...?

>Don't be intimidated guys, SCCA Solo II, which I suggested as an
>excellent and inexpensive way to learn how you car handles at
>the limit and beyond without damage to sheetmetal or ego, is
>speed-limited by SCCA rules & regs to about a 70 MPH maximum
>for the very fastest of prepared and all-out race cars. On a typical
>SCCA Solo II course you will never get out of second gear in most
>street cars.

I agree completely ... however, we have some large lots available out west
(Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, for one; Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ
for another) where the courses tend to allow higher speeds than most Solo II
events held elsewhere.  Although the Solo II rulebook calls for keeping the
max speeds below 70mph, I know first-hand that this *doesn't* always happen,
especially with events hosted by non-SCCA clubs...

That said, don't let this scare you away from these events.  They can be a
lot of fun and will help you learn the basics of car control at speeds where
it's difficult (but not impossible) to cause damage to yourself or your car.
I wrote two articles about autocrossing for Audicar (www.Audicar.com) that
are worth looking up if you aren't familiar with the sport...
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