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fault codes

In message <> Avi writes:

> Thanks again for getting me the fault codes, I did go back to the Bentley
> (after receiving your post), and found the codes in the ignition section,
> never looked there before,

I don't have (or desire) the Bentleys, but I'm surprised they've split
the codes up.  In the ur-quattro documentation, they're grouped
together in the ignition section (on the engine fiche).

The electrical fiche covers the idle stabiliser and its tests, the
digital dashboard and the odd bits and pieces.

I always though Bentley was a direct translation of the microfiche.  I
know the electrical manual leaves a lot to be desired because it
doesn't mimic the way the factory mix'n'match diagrams work.

I notice that the Motronic codes seem to be a superset of the
CIS codes.  I feel a page coming on ...

 Phil Payne
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