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Re: Audi4000 Speaker

> Any replacement for the front driver's side speaker on my 1986 4000 cs
> quattro.  It appears that the grill is molded around the speaker and
> that it is one unit.

If they are much like those in the 80-84 4000s, then it takes some
creative surgery to remove the existing speaker, and then either use
epoxy or fashion some retainers to hold some newer speaker in.

I used a Sony model 3 or 3.5 inch speaker, but I recall that they
were being discontinued just as I bought them. 

The problem I had came later. I'd gotten a set of these 
speaker/grill combos from a Coupe at the boneyard, then
did the surgery on them (the plastic enclosures on mine were 
cracked, these from the boneyard were fine). But later they
cracked on my, and it looks ugly.

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)            [Call me "Doug"]
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