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Interested in A4 Quattro

Hi, my name is Don Ivey and I'm in NC, and new to the list (though 
I've lurked for a few weeks now).  I'm interested in buying an A4 
Quattro (either 1.8T or 2.8).  The car is ostensibly for my wife, so 
it must have an auto transmission, but that and the quattro package 
are really the only two requirements.  I am willing to buy used, but 
only if low mileage (less than 20K).  I'm very excited about this 
car, and will probably enjoy the car (in the manner it was intended) 
more than my wife:)  Also, I'm willing to travel any reasonable 
distance to buy a car, so don't be shy.  BTW, I've owned an Audi 
100LS in the past, though I can't say it was a totally joyous 
experience.  Looking for good things from the A4.  Thanks,

Don Ivey
'78 LeMans
'79 SP1000
'81 R80G/S
'71 A-R 1750 GTV