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Re: was Re: Weepy Head Gskt Fix!is stretch bolt defence clamping methods,

In message <01bd13d6$3e66de60$082c460c@yo> "Mik Tip" writes:

> I have worked on engines(VW & Audi)where the OEM bolts can be removed by
> hand!

Yup, so have I.  Well, you have to stick the 12-point into the bolt head - but 
you can turn the driver by hand.  Especially between #4 and #5 cylinder.

> Attributed to factors inherant to the stretch bolts, combined with the
> continual heating &
> cooling, along with the different rates of expansion and contraction between
> the
> aluminum head and steel block!

I've never seen a safe attribution other than failure of re-used head bolts.

> The only way to correctly "fix" the weeping gasket, is to change it!

Amen to that.  And the bolts, please.

> Installing the OEM bolts "may" allow the same problem to re-occur
> later on in the engines life.   But most folk's dont keep a car that long!

Fresh bolts should be good for up to 250000km - that's the (apparent) design 

> The Raceware's are an "improved alternative" to the OEMS, but at
> a price!

So far all of my experience with stock Audi engines is that stock parts are 
best.  Yes - deviate from the specification and you will need to change some of 
the technology.  Stay with stock (design) performance profiles and stock 
components are far superior.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club