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Pre New Years Garage Sale

As the new year rolls around it's time for in with the new and well...

Here's the short list of what needs to find a new home. Hopefully with someone
who can do more with it than I have in the last 12 months!

Borbet rims (2) 16x7.5 4x100 pattern, one's mint, the other's got a few
scrapes, came off a Honda Prelude, 5 spoke, 40$ the pair, centre caps and tool

P/S rack for 5000 series, used but not leaking, reman by ZF, complete system
with lines and pump. This is an early style system, perfect for someone
looking to eliminate those pesky bomb recharges ;) as it's a low pressure,
non-accumulator system. 90$.

Coupe GT/Ur-q taillamps, OEM US spec, used, 30$ each.

'81 5000 taillamps, used, 15$ each.

2.3L lower end, no cyl head, 100k on it, from an '88 5000s. 30$

Rear muffler for 4000q, used, 40$.

Scirocco 16v taillamps, 30$ each. Not quite Audi, but maybe for Anton?

Exhaust manifold from MC code motor, cracked, probably repairable, 30$.

Exhaust manifold from 2.3L NA motor, 20$.

Exhaust manifold(s) from 4000q motor (JT) 50$.

Downpipes from 4000q motors, 50$.

Transmission from '87 Coupe GT, std, 90$.

Clutch pack section for 5000 auto trans, 75$

Final drive section '80 5000T auto trans, 50$

P/S pump 4000 series, 25$

TQC interior, complete, in tan/beige lthr, brown carpet, seats, doorpanels.
Average condition for the years, decent but not mint. It's not from my cars,
I'm posting it for a friend. 400$

Lower end 2.2L JT code motor, 88k on it, 75$

Cyl head for above, 75$

Complete JT motor, pulled from running vehicle, 150$, 2 available.

Front seats for an '84 4000q, brown cloth, excellent condition, my best set of
brown cloths. With my '84 gone, I won't be needing them, sniffle. 150$ each.

Rear quarter glass for coupes, 20$ each
Back glass for coupes, 25$
Door glass for coupes, 25$ side.
Back glass for 4000q, logo'd, 50$
Windshield for coupe, cracked, free with any puchase :)
Rear quarter glass for 4000q, logo'd, 25$ each.
Rear quarter glass for 4000s, 10$ each.

That's about it for now, I can arrange shipping/delivery for any/all items; or
swing by Concord NH for the grand tour!

Happy New Year,