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Re: S6 lights

At 04:16 PM 12/28/97 -0800, you wrote:

>On more of a dreaming note...
>Wouldn't a great upgrade for existing lighting technology be an upgrade kit 
>that replaces your H4 (or 9004 / 9006) bulb with a gas discharge cell (I 
>don't think they call them bulbs) and a wiring harness that includes the 
>ballast to run them? You would be able to keep your existing light housings, 
>yet you could reap the benefit of HID technology? I know that both PIAA and 
>Hella make auxiliary lighting applications that use this same principle. Now 
>if only the gas discharge cell fit into my Euro assemblies.
>`                   Frank--

I certainly hope they'll cost less than $1000 (!) cost when my brother's
WMB 750i lost its left headlight.  Luckily its was covered by an extended


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