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Re: 4KQ Help

>I just went out to check out my son's old  AUDI 4000 Quattro----- it
>He is visiting here for vacation from UAB grad school and is heading back
>Fri. He has to go to St. Louis on Mon...........

>so he's taking my S2.

>As a "poor" student, he doesn't have unlimited finances,

He's not alone!  Millions of Americans suffer from this!

>so he needs someone
>who has the cars "best interest" inheart...

The cars best interest need to be FIRST, with its owner!

>I know from when I used to drive it, you need a mechanic
> who knows what he's doing..

For "economical" reasons a car's owner can save themselves
"a ton of money" by doing their own maintenance! Plus develop
an excellent working knowledge of auto mechanics, and a sense
of "self pride", in knowing what you fixed is fixed correctly, and will
last!   These "learned skills" develop, within a person, a relationship
and understanding of one's own vehicle, so that when problems do
arise, they are taken care of "quickly and expertly", which prevent
any further complications caused by "neglect".

>If anyone knows a GREAT mechanic who KNOWS Audis, please let me know.

These "professional's" are RARE, and usually expensive!

Even GREAT mechanics need to earn a modest income to survive!