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attempted break-in results

Hi all,

I've been 'phoning around to see what my situation is for the damage to my
car after the attempted break-in last week. The insurance company told me
that yes, it was covered. Further questions on my part revealed that there
was a deductible (of course!), and that it would cost me part of my
no-claims bonus. This effectively means (after some maths) that I pay for
it myself (albeit over the course of a few years), except for the free
rental car. Given my current financial situation, I might take this deal
anyway as I'm really getting sick and tired of entering my car through the
passenger door.

On closer inspection, it seems that the creepy-crawly has used a large
screwdriver to pry the lock open- it was parked rather close to some houses
and he apparently didn't want to make any noise by breaking a window (or he
was just plain stupid). The result: the lock closing plate is completely
destroyed, the cast-iron door handle is bent and the whole door skin has
been damaged by levering the screwdriver in the lock. I now know why I
couldn't get my key in: part of the screwdriver is still in the lock. I'll
phone the zoo and see if King Kong has escaped- what an *ssh*le to cause so
much damage for nothing (what would he want to steal, my ice scrapers or my
road map? Or perhaps my supply of mints?)


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 215,000km

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