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Audi4000 Speaker

There are no replacements other than stock. It is absolutely a one-piece 
(bum) design. You can get at the two philips head screws that secure it to 
the dash by removing either the vent or the under dash piece. Two options 
that I have seen: 1) mount a tweeter from a component speaker system there, 
with the corresponding mid/bass driver mounted in the door, or 2) this is 
what I did, remove stock speaker, take a dremel with a cutting disc and cut 
the 3.5 inch driver away from the grille, then mount a new speaker in the 
opening and cover with the original grille.

I went with a MB Quart 4 inch, used an x-acto knife to trim the opening to 
size, then I used butyl to form a seal to the dash, and used velcro to mount 
the grille. A little bit of a pita, but well worth it.


Subject: Audi4000 Speaker

Any replacement for the front driver's side speaker on my 1986 4000 cs
quattro.  It appears that the grill is molded around the speaker and
that it is one unit.