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Stranded Coupe


My 2.3 liter coupe is stranded 110 miles from my home with what I think is
a fuel deliver problem.   Let me quickly  summarize the circumsntances of
the Coupe's demise  Eight days ago, driving down I5 at about 75mph in
northern California, the engine stumbles and lurches like it is running out
of gas.  I quickly exit  and let the car idle in a gas station parking lot.
A rapid clicking sound is emanating from the fuel pump, the same sound that
the pump makes only at initial start-up, but now with increased frequency.
While I am examining the idling car it stalls out and refuses to start
eventhough it is turning over fine.  I bang on the fuel pump and try again.
It runs for thirty seconds and then dies again and will not start.  I have
it towed to the local small town garage and hope for the best.  As I am
pretty sure that the fuel pump is faulty, I go ahead and order one the next
day, once I get home to SF.

The fuel pump is put in by the local shop (which also diagnosed a dead
pump) with a minimum of hassle.  It runs fine for about a minute and dies
and will not start.  A quick check by the mechanic indicates that there is
fuel pressure up to the fuel injection system.  The shop then promptly
gives up and tells me that they cannot work on this "exotic" german
injection system.  I have it towed to a german car repair shop in the next
town.   Unfortunately, this garage is not open until Jan. 5th, so I return,
dowtrodden, to SF.

My question are, is there any component of this CIS III system that could
have been damaged by fuel starvation?   Or is it just a clogged fuel filter
that damaged the pump?  What diagnostic procedures might be done to uncover
the problem?  The shop did insist that the new fuel pump was doing its job,
but I am suspicious.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I
have no idea of the protential competency of this new shop, I need the car
as soon as possible, and my mechanic in the Bay Area is also out until Jan.
5th.  I am thinking of returning and attempting repairs myself.

Thanks, Qlisters!
Jacob Michaels
87 1/2 coupe
89 Jetta 16v (girlfriends')
82 coupe (gone)
83 4000 (first car)