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Re: A4 tires: will 225/50 16" fit A4?

	In short, yes they should fit. I had 225/50-16 Dunlop D40M2's on my A4 and
they cleared the wheel wells with no problem. The close call was on the
steering linkage where there was about 1cm clearance. They never rubbed
though, even during autocrosses.
	If you are looking for wheels, you should try Motorsport Specialties. They
carry Compomotive wheels, which a number of people, myself included, are using
(insert the usual disclaimer here, just a satisfied customer, etc.). I think
they have a website now, but I am not sure of the address. The wheels are
attractive, well made and relatively inexpensive ($225 for 8x17 ATstyle five
spokes). They are at 800 621-8408, and the person I dealt with was Allen. I
think they do some bargaining, because it seemed that the prices got lower
each time I called. HTH.

97 A4q 2.8
96 Jetta GLX