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Don't Buy New Audis

In message <l03020901b0cdb915572f@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> >I ordered the hydraulic bomb from the local independent parts vendor.
> >They bought it directly from Lemforder and charged me total $280. Dealer
> >quoted me $425 for the same part! That's 125 bucks for just passing
> >through Audi's parts distribution system.
> Hey- ever wondered what those original VAG cardboard boxes cost? Now you know!
> :-)

Ever read the small print in German on VAG boxes?

Nicht zur Abgabe an Endverbraucher bestimmt - not to be given to the end user.
Despite their huge markup, Audi doesn't pay the "Green Spot" charge that the 
German Federal Government levies on packaging to pay for its subsequent 
disposal.  The dealer is _NOT_ supposed to give you that box - it remains 
Audi's property and should be returned to the factory!

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club