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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1542

>>  All the symptoms of a sticking waste gate? Very high boost followed by
>>  fuel pump shut down and then everything is back to normal.

>No, we don't think so.  As far as I know, the only professional who's
>ever experienced one 'live' was Martin at BR Motorsport, who said he'd
>never felt anything like it.  If it was something like a sticky
>wastegate, we'd see it on other models - especially MC-2/1Bs.

>The problem running round in my mind is: Where is all the fuel coming

If the engine is leaning out, due to a stuck wastegate, and everything
is cold, you would get a burst of heat into the hot side of the turbo,
spinning it up madly, but the intercooler and such would still be chilly,
creating massively dense air flow.  Much longer and a hole in the piston,
but for a few seconds it would go like stink ...  Whaddya thinka dat!?!

paul timmerman