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SPOILT! (Was Passat V6 Arrives)

>>> Jouko Haapanen <joukoh@vtoy.fi> - 12/29/97 2:33 PM >>>

 I still am a big fan of Volkswagen (not only because of the obvious
connection) but they are more bread-and-butter, not quite the
character of the Audi.

Here comes the sacrifice to THE Audi god (the VAG god may be less
Our new CQ is nice.  Really, really, really nice to drive.  Sounds
better.  Has better deadening.  And, of course, has many more bells
and whistles (sans cupholder).
Am a little disgruntled by the leather / naughie overkill interior
and consider the syncro's interior, while obviously cheaper, to be
better suited to my liking.  HOWEVER, when the time comes to make a
new car purchase I may have to eat my former sentiments (i.e. why pay
more for the Audi?).
(1)  Both Audi and VW and Ford and Mercedes all have the same damn
interiors anyway, so there's no difference here.  But the seats will
move electronically in the Audi and heat your butt if you
choose...this is the reason the Audi interior is better.  I'd say its
worth at least...+$1~1.2k. (Never have to hear "I'm cold" again from
the Pass Side)
(2)  Suspension.  The Audi just feels better on the road.  It may be
a combination between the interior perks above and the the
underpinnings, but as an owner of both....points go to the Audi. 
(3)  Stuff.  I've finally told my wife the secret behind "what makes
guys guys."  (Sorry for letting it out)  It all comes down to parts. 
The more the better.  We may not even care if they work or not..as
long as they're there.  Oil pressure gauge +$300, Oil Temp gauge +$50
(Mine's suspect), CC +$150 (outside temp is suspect...-$50), Ski sock
$30 (Will never use it, but its there).  This theory also holds true
for CD purchases, Oil by the case, Bulk Cereal and multi-partner
escapades (but we'll keep this family safe).

Been waiting a long, long time for the new syncro.  Now that we have
the CQ and have seen the pictures of the new syncro (w/ makeshift
audi seating, w/o folding rear seats, w/o gauges)...I may have to
consider another Audi instead.

Counterpoint:  New Audis are wayyyy too costly.  $38k for the v6
A4avt?  Get real.  I'll take the syncro, the extra 8~10k and buy more
stuff!!!  (Of course, if someone should be selling their 98 A4avt with
30k miles next year I would have to look at it).

Derek Daily
Own a syncro
Own a quattro
Anybody got a seiso?