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Re: Leaky Brake Fluid Reservoir

At 03:07 PM 12/29/97 EST, you Mike Veglia wrote:
>Brake fluid (87 5ktq) has started to leak around the rubber "grommets" which
>connect the reservoir to the MC. I have new grommets on their way and have
>been warned they are a PITA (in VW apps) to replace. The brake system is
>fine...but the fluid wants to dribble out of this connection. Any advice on
>this? My plan is to suck out the fluid with a turkey baster type thing and
>have at it. I'm told some lubricant is required to get new grommets back in,
>vaseline, KY???? Any history of the reservoir itself cracking? TIA before I
>bathe in paint eating brake fluid ;-)

They're pretty easy to replace:
1) Remove electrical connector for fluid level sensor in reservoir
2) Remove hose leading from reservoir to clutch cylinder (be careful
because fluid will pour out)  Suck out as much of the rest of the fluid as
you can.
3) Using 2 screwdrivers (levering underneath, or just rock back & forth
with your hands), carefully pry up the reservoir from the MC.  Be prepared
for the rest of the fluid to come out messily.
4) You may want to use this opportunity to replace the reservoir and/or cap
if either is original; they get cloudy & start to crack/leak.  At least
clean out the reservoir (there will probably be a lot of black goop at the
bottom).  Clean by putting in new brake fluid, sealing up the outlets,
shake vigorously, then drain.  Repeat until clean.
5) Rubber grommets then come out from MC just by pulling them.  Replace
with new ones.
6) Lubricate the new grommets liberally with clean brake fluid.
7) Carefully press the new reservoir back into the new grommets.  Fill
w/fluid & you're done.  You might want to use this opportunity to
flush/bleed the whole system.

Let me know if you have any questions...........SLM

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