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RE: Catering to used-car buyers?

I did have some exposure to Audi's high parts prices back when I had my 86
5000 CSt.  I'll agree they're high, but aren't high parts prices to be

I was talking to someone who works for a distributor of some large
Japanese marques in South America, and he said they sell the cars at
little profit, if not as loss leaders.  They just want to get them out the
door.  They make their big money in the parts business.  I'm not an auto
industry expert, but it seems logical that a similar case would occur with
imported marques in the U.S.

Does Audi really make money selling quattro as a $1650 option on the A4?
I heard one rumour that it actually costs them $2000 -- they just want to
increase its popularity so they sell it at a loss.  I wonder how much
profit they make if you can get an A4 1.8t with quattro and the sport
package for around $25,000. It can't be that much, if a well-equipped Ford
Taurus or Toyota Camry goes for the same price.