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Re: Tribune review

Sargent Schutt decided to speak these words:

>On that note, though, is their a decided advantage in having the steering 
>having power too, as they are helping to pull the car inthe right direction
>(fighting the understeering)?? I would think so. In rwd you can use the 
>to help point the car, but in doing so you are comparatively wasting power on
>steering, whereas the awd car is using it for steering (by virtue of the 
>wheels *pulling*) and thereby achieves greater accelleration.

I remember reading, that the more accelerative force that is given to a 
tire, the less lateral force can be used.  So, by that theory, there 
would me more understeer inherent by driving the front wheels.  So that 
is why, i think, that the audis handle so nutrally.  There is the slight 
understeer that comes from being partially a front wheel drive car, and 
the oversteer that comes from being rear wheel drive.  So therefore you 
have both ends sliding in unison, and providing a very stable platform.  
Am i completely off on this?

Later all,

Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
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