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S4 Trim Levels?

I was looking at a 1992 S4 last night (build date 5/92) and had the
following questions.

I thought the 1992 S4's had the carbon fiber trim on the dash, this one had
the wood. I thought they went back to wood in 1993, which is correct?

The headlights had were the projector beam types (with built in fog lights)
found on the later A6's and S6's. For some reason I thought the 1992 and
93's came with the same lights as the 100's with seperate fog lights below.
Did all S4's come with these lights?

On another note, got in the back seat of the car, doesn't compare with mine
in my opinion. Doesn't have the same amount of room and the seats don't
have nearly the support mine do. My back seats are definitely nice.
However, I would like to have the front seats in my car......

If anyone is interested, this is a 92 S4 black/black, looks to be straight,
engine is in GREAT shape, exterior had snow on it. Has 55K miles and asking
is 22.5K. It's located at Laurel Audi in Westmont, IL, was traded in from
the original owner for a new A8.

Supposably there is a lady coming from Green Bay to look at the car.

If you need the dealership number email me, and I'll get it or just call


Paul Waterloo
Brookfield, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com