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Re: Catering to used-car buyers?

I thought it WAS the point.  The new-car purchaser (in this case, leaser)
doesn't have to worry about long-term residual value.  You keep talking
about used-car prices as if they affect new car development, but I haven't
seen that to be the case.  Sure, if it's high, they'll advertise it, but
that's about it.  As I've mentioned before, I don't even see any financial
incentive for them to care.

At 07:10 AM 12/30/97  -0500, Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
>>>>>>This was one reason why I leased.
>That's great for you...but that's not what I was addressing.  The
>guaranteed value at the end is part of the "game" that AoA plays along with
>other car makers.  Leasing is just not an option for some of us.  The
>question here is whether Audi can successfully carry this off when
>maintenance costs skyrocket down the road (so to speak).  A case in point
>would be Infiniti's experience with the Q45 when they lost millions doing
>the same thing with early models...the customer won that time.  You have
>probably cut yourself a great deal. My congrats.