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synthetic fluids

Hello qlisters,
About two months ago I decided to change the trans, differential and
engine oil in my car to synthetics. I read the comments on the list
about difficult shifting (which I had) and the benefits of synthetics. I
decided to go with Red Line for the drive train and Mobil 1 for the
engine. I use 5-30 Mobil 1 during the winter. I get 1.8bars at idle and
4 bars at driving speed over 2,000rpm when the oil temperture is over
60c. I had Red Line 75-90 installed in the rear dif and MT-90 installed
in the transmission. The shifting is much better when the gears are cold
and there is much less rolling resistance, you can feel it. I am getting 
about 1mpg increase with the change to synthetics, up to 26mpg around
town. I highly recommend changing to synthetic. Thanks for the

1990 200Q 136K miles