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Re: Emergency

<Besides the oil spewing from the front end of my '86 4kcsq, when I come 
stops and idle for a minute or so,, I get strong odors of gasoline.

Where should I look first?>  

As they say, You can't worry about draining the swap when you're up to 
your ass in alligators.  I can safely say that if you don't fix the 
Valdez, gas odors will be the least of your troubles.
You mentioned 2 spare bolts after a tbelt change in your 4000Q.  Spare 
parts are one thing after a radio install, quite another after a tbelt 
change, Get thee to a Bentley!  As I recall, the only bolts involved, 
save the waterpump hold down are the ones for the cover, but others will 
know better than I.  Should it not be related to your tbelt foray, check 
the oil temp sender plug and oilpan/cam/gaskets etc.
For your gas smell, check that your fuel tank cap is on correctly and 
that the gasket is good.
Good Luck

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