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89 100q strange brake happenings


First of all Happy 1998 and may the Audi Gods be in deep hibernation for a
long time to come.

By the way--Jeff Goggin you 98 A4 did not show up at my house, mine didn't
either.  OK, who has our cars?

On to the problem du jour:
Car: 89 100 quattro with just over 157,000 miles on it.  New front pads
and resurfaced rotors about 8 weeks ago.

Scenario: Monday night driving home from work, about 3/4" of snow on the
ground.  Decided to stop at my favorite boat yard to see who was hanging
around.  Enter the snow-covered parking lot and apply the brakes.  Not
hard, no panic, etc. Get a "noise" and easily noticeable pulsating out of
the brake pedal as the cars seems to come to a normal stop.  Hmmm--never
experienced that kind of ABS pulsating before.

Finish my business, drive home, no other events (roads wet but not snow

After dinner, wife says lets go out and do some shopping.  Another
snow-covered parking lot.  Apply the brakes, severe metal grinding sound,
even more noticeable pedal pulsating than first time.  Hmmm say I.

Remainder of the evening normal braking.

This morning, most roads dry, none snow covered, all things normal.

Sttopeed by local mechanic who did the brakes--all bays filled with
vehicles (Passat with a frozen brake caliper awaiting parts, Stealth with
severe driveline problems, and Honda coupe awaiting engine parts).  Car
will go in Wed morning first thing.

Additional information--car does need a new bomb.  After first event the
brake pedal seemed to work in a more normal fashion in that it was softer
(ie: had more travel).

Really wierd.

Any ideas?


Bill Murin
89 100q