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Re: Audi Marketing Miscues -Reply

>>> Eric Renneisen <renneie@hlthsrc.com> - 12/30/97 8:17 AM >>>
>How about Chevrolet marketing the Chevy Nova in South America 
>where the name means in Spamish (approximately) "won't go"?  :-)

---Sounds right to me
---Chebby should have marketed the Nova under the "Wont Go" moniker
here in NA.
---Have an 88 in the backyard just sitting there if anyone wants it. 
Thinking about making it a project car...i.e. orchard rally car /
crash-em-up derby.  
---Did help me secure a CQ tho ;-)

Derek Daily
86 VW qsw
90 CQ
88 avoN "oG oN"