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Catering to used-car buyers?

In message <> "Doyt W. Echelberger" writes:

[lots of cogent and relevant argument snipped]

> >That is one scenario.  Anybody got any other ideas? This problem needs all
> the bright light it can get.

Yes - I can see the need for a profit margin on parts to support on-demand
logistics.  Holding stock and paying salaries costs money.

Take 1:  I can buy a control pressure regulator with the correct Audi part
         number on it direct from my local Bosch distributor for less than
         half what my Audi dealership charges for _EXACTLY_ the same 
         Bosch-manufactured part.
Perhaps Audi could take some lessons in efficiency from Bosch?
Take 2:  An original Audi exhaust manifold for the ur-quattro WR costs 
         around GBP730.  Along comes Aelred at Dialynx and manufactures
         one for GBP400-odd.  All of a sudden, Audi's price drops 60%.
60%!!  I assume they're also still making a profit.

Take 3:  Audi/VAG decide to split their branding.  My local VW & Audi
         garage is now VW-only, and the Audi component is 20 miles
         away.  "Ah", says Len Hunt (Marketing Director, Audi UK), 
         "this is not a problem because we'll ship any part you desire
         from the new [remote] Audi dealership to your local VW 
         dealership overnight".
The man's on the wrong planet.  I can get Audi parts from _ANYWHERE_ in the UK 
overnight, usually at 40% to 60% discount.  He just moved his service into the 
aftermarket's parameters - at TWICE THE PRICE!!

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club