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In persuit if the infamous codes the rev counter jumps to 7200rpm, and other anomalies..

Hello again.
In persuit of the infamous codes, i tried what someone described as the earlier method; ie. activating both throttle switches, and the brake pedal, i discovered that when i has activated both switches the rev counter would constantly read 7200 rpm.
( Engine still idleing).
Later i found what matches the description of the FP relay: Big, black and with a fuse-slot on top. It is located at the left of the steering wheel, in the dashboard, right over my left knee.
In the fuse slot there was already a fuse mounted :^O
When i pulled it the fuse (engine at idle) the "ABS OFF" warning light turned on :^(
Reinserting it turns ABS back on.
Has any of you wizards any idea on why this is.
I'm still convinced, that this car IS a '87 200 TQAvant though.
Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200 TQ Avant (i still think).