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Re: Ack! Questions about pro maintenance...

Benjamin Weste Pearre wrote:
> The fuel pump is making quite a loud whine.  George said that it's
> probably OK for now (it's been replaced once).  His assertion is that
> the fuel pump can die if you just let it suck on air for a short while
> (running the tank empty, or even running on a quarter tank if you go
> over really steep hills, because the fuel can slosh away from the
> intake).  Is this really true?  It seems inconceivable that anyone
> could design something so ridiculous as a car that self-destructs if
> it runs out of gas.

Both my 5KTSí will cut out from fuel starvation when less than 1/4 tank
on a right hand up hill sweeper...

84 5KT
87 5KCST