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Bill wrote:
>Hello qlisters,
>About two months ago I decided to change the trans, differential and
>engine oil in my car to synthetics. ...I am getting
>about 1mpg increase with the change to synthetics, up to 26mpg around
>town. I highly recommend changing to synthetic. Thanks for the


It would be interesting to compare your engine oil consumption over the
next few months with your pre-synth days. I made exactly the same
changes as you on my 91 200q about 5k miles after I bought it, and noted
that with the change to synth my car started burning oil (1/2 qt per 4k
miles). Since then I've switched to dyno engine oil (20/50) and have
noticed less oil consumption. This all due to the detergent effects of
the synth engine oil.

In the tranny, I originally put in Mobil 1  ( at143k miles, made an
improvement), then recently changed to Redline - BIG improvement in
shifting with the Redline. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, keep me posted (the list) as to the change in oil consumption
levels (if any) you see in the coming month or so.


91 200q tap, etc
86 5ktq IA, etc