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Lighting problem {low audi content}

Hi folks,
	Thanks for all the responses to my starter problem. That's still up in the
air for now, but I think that the ignition switch is the likely culprit. I
was gonna go diagnose it today, since it's my day off, but found out that
little brother had other plans for my time.
I Thought I'd run this somewhat interesting lighting problem by the list
for some feedback.
Someone who will remain nameless wired up a set of auxillary fogs on my
brother's 91 VW Golf.
He ran the (+) lead directly from the low beam (+) lead of the headlight.
The Fogs were wired in series. 

After about a week of working, the low beam that the fogs were wired to
went out and consequently shut down the fogs as well. Althought the low
beam was out only on one side, both high beams worked fine.
 He drove up to visit me with the lights in this condition. Since he
planned on driving back home on Icy/snowy roads tonight, I knew I had to
fix the lights. 

I took it in to the shop at work and replaced the bulb with the standard
9004 Halogen bulb. This didn't correct the problem. After looking for a
short for a few minutes, and being pressed for time.. I decided to buy an
OEM switch from parts and hook up the fogs to the switch, making sure to
put in an inline fuse. I ran the power lead off the battery..

However, the dead low beam problem is whirling about my brain. It shouldn't
be a simple fuse because BOTH low beams would be out. It isn't the bulb
because a new one didn't correct the problem. Is there an inline fuse?
Could he have fried the socket? I can't figure out what the problem is. 
Since the car is now on its way home, it's really out of my hair. But I'd
like to give him an idea of what is wrong before he spends his money at
some shop.

Thanks alot folks.
Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q TAP Chip