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RE: Catering to used-car buyers?

[stuff about how it's possible to get the same part from a non-Audi dealer
for 1/2 the price]

I don't see the problem here.  If it's possible to get the part elsewhere
for less, why complain if Audi dealers charge so much?  Just go to the
other place.  The same thing happens in every other industry.  I can buy a
CD at Sam Goody (a music chain primarily located in malls) for $16.99, or
get it at Tower Records for $12.99.  Some people will still go to Sam
Goody (convenience, etc), and those who don't mind the bother will go to
Tower.  I imagine the same applies to parts purchasers.  

>From talking with someone at an auto distributor, auto dealerships aren't
considered financially viable unless they can derive all their revenue
from parts and service -- profits from auto sales are just gravy.

Other note:  I saw the Maine winter rally race that was on ESPN2 two
evenings ago (thanks to whoever mentioned it on the list -- it was a good 
show). The guy who won (Sprongl) looked to be driving a CQ or a 90
(couldn't tell).  Anyway, did anyone else notice that they never ONCE
mentioned the word "Audi"?  I know Hyundai paid for ad time, so they
mentioned them every other sentence, but they gave press time to the Saab
900, Eclipse, and even the Dodge Neon (none were advertisers on the show).
Was this an honest mistake, or is something going on?  I think they
mentioned the make of every other car except the Audi.

Another note:  I was at the Washington auto show this weekend, and the
Audi rep I talked to about the S4 said they would be making a decisions
about all the S models later this year.  (I think someone else talked to
an Audi rep who said something different).

97 A4 1.8tq