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Are Audi wheel bolts "self tightening?"

As above. This is what the tire monkey told me after he had to air-wrench
the bolts off my 5kt. I had just broken:
1 "O-Ratchet" ratchet.
The VAG OEM wrench.
1 cheap taiwan ratchet.
Large spider wrench from girlfriend's Chev.
Still, I could not get the bolts off. I just wanted to R&R the front
brakes, having bought the parts for same. By this time, I thought about
getting a Snap-On breaker, but what the hey.
I guess I'm stronger than I thought. But what about the guy who put those
"self-tightening" bolts ON??

Happy New Year. Guess I won't go to Phoenix tomorrow night for it. No 120
mile run with the brake pad warning on, thanks. Grrr. 
Annoyed with Audi Gods and tire monkeys....

1987 5kcst 175k
1973 Vespa Rally 200 (hardly "alternate transport;)