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Re: 1.8T swap

At 11:39 12/30/97 -0800, Perry, Christopher wrote:
>Has anybody else thought about swapping the 2.3 I5 for one of the new
>1.8T engines in say an 89 90q?
>Maybe in a couple of years when there are more around (and probably in a
>wrecking yard).  I know the S series of the 80/90 came with the 4cyl, is
>the 1.8T the same block/basic dimensions?
>Just dreaming again.
>chris perry

Yes the 1.8T is the same size and the 1.6/1.8/2.0L I4 engines that VW and
Audi use.  The 80/90 2.0L engine will fit perfectly in any VW, the new MK 4
Golf also used the 1.8T so I think it is just plug and play with a LOT of
time on your hands.  I would imagine that the 1.8T is getting close to the
"Drive by wire" TDIs are, meaning that you need ALL the wiring harness and
computers to make it work.  So if you find a Passat 1.8T or an Audi A4 1.8T
at the wreckers cut it half and take the front end home and have fun!

One of these days I'll have the 1.8T sitting at home in one of my Rabbits!
Won't THAT be fun  :)

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