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Ur-Q Videos

Are these films from Porter Publishing (UK) worth owning?

Audi Quattro - the Official Story (60 min, GBP 10.99)
I have all of these videos and I have just watched this one a few days ago.
This one has the early rally cars, the sport quattro rally cars, a minute
on the 5000TQ speed car, a few minutes on the 87 pikes peak sport quattro (
with a cool shot of the push button clutch working) and includes the 88
trans am car, the 89 imsa gto car, the '90 V8, and the '9180 competition
cars.  Many interviews are in german, but I still like it.

The Audi Quattro Experience (60 min, GBP 10.99)
This one mainly covers the ur-q and sport q rally cars. A must if your
interest lies here.

Quattro Racing in the USA (40 min, GBP 12.99)
This one covers the 88 trans am and 89  90 quattro imsa gto cars. Lots of
good footage of both, but more coverage on the gto season. No ur-q or sport
q coverage. I've been watching this over the past few days getting visual
details on the imsa car. (which are going into the pinewood derby car I am
working on, including the biplane rear spoiler. Yes, they do have a class
for dads. My son is building an S1 sport quattro for his pinewood derby

I must ask, what is that (annoying) song which they play in every Audi
video made? It's in the official story video and and the experience video
where they have the helicopter shots of the sport q on some dirt roads in
the New Zeland rally.

Dave Lawson