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Ur-q for sale

In message <01bd157d$b70204a0$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> A friend drew my attention to this. In the February issue of 'Fast Car"
> magazine (Similar to Max Power, its a tits and car mag directed at
> pre-pubescent lads), there's a blue pearl Ur-q, 17 inch wheels, single wiper
> conversion, DTM mirrors. Looks like its got one of those big alloy fuel caps
> as well. 52000 miles, asking price 6995GBP. I bet that there's a backwards
> baseball cap in there too.
> Cant tell what year it is. Interesting bit is that from the photo it looks
> very much as though the car has a Tresser front spoiler, so I would suspect
> that its either a full Tresser model or at the very least said company has
> played with some of the bits and pieces.
> Phone number is 01782 566993  (Dimsdale, Newcastle, Staffs) If anyones
> interested.

There was a blue ur-quattro for sale at Chatsworth.  It looked like someone had 
swept up the pieces on a workshop floor and glued them together.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club