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MB engine overboost.

In message <34A96BE1.863@earthlink.net> Greg & Britt writes:

> This is basically how the MC has slight control over boost, when WOT
> occurs you get the WGFV supplying manifold pressure to the back side of
> the WG to raise itsí operating point.

Using one of Scott Mockry's test leads, it's easy to see that the WGFV is
only used at WOT.  From that point onwards, the ECU effectively has total
control over boost.

> The MB problem sounds like it might be a firmware glitch when in warm-up
> mode, operating the WGFV full on. Need you the LED tester connected at
> all times to monitor itsí operation. ( I am making the assumption that the
> MB has the same control mechanism as the MC.)

Yes, but we need a car that can generate the symptoms.  This has been our
problem recently - we seem able to make the problem go away just by checking
all the components.  The MB's control mechanisms are fundamentally _identical_
to the MC-2's.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club