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RE: Poor Man's ECU Fuel Enrichment

I have a similar, and possibly the same unit, but it also senses RPM.
It's called the MicroFueler and was manufactured by Miller-Woods for
Callaway. It is a peak & hold pulse-width modulated EFI controller.
It is adjustable for both RPM and boost pressure sensitivity and also max
RPM enrichment threshold. With these easy potentiometer adjustments
and changing the injector size it is possible to tune for almost any
combination or setup. It is relatively simple, but highly effective and
very reliable. I purchased mine through New Dimensions in CA, and
this was the very last one. I think ND has a newer, possibly even
better unit available, but I have no experience with this newer unit.
I have a 268cc injector mounted in a 2 1/2" pipe between the IC and TB.
The 268cc/min injector is good for about an additional 50 HP.

ND: 408-980-1693    http://www.newdimensions.com


I have a fuel enrichment box that was manufactured by(or for) Callaway. It
looks like it is pretty simple. I am guessing that the output pulse width
(to an injector) is modulated as a function of boost pressure. The only
connections are power, boost pressure and fuel injector output. I haven't
hooked it up yet, but it seems like this would be an appropriate way of
providing boost enrichment.  I could supply P/N etc. if anyone is
interested.  Mike
           Michael & Portia Loeks
           Warren ,Oregon U.S.A.
 Current fleet for those interested:
 1986 Audi 5ktq - Tornado Red/Fuchs/1.8bar
 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S Convertible
 1993 Chevrolet Suburban
 1984 Ford F-350 Flatbed

Phil Payne wrote:
>Some people have had some success with _additional_ injectors or
>cold start valves mounted such that all cylinders are addressed - e.g.,
>right behind the throttle body.