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Re: Whats your "Back-up" transportation?

And a Happy New Year to one and all, buuuuut...

This is becoming a really, REALLY sore subject around here...

The answer normally would be "my '86 Carrera Cabriolet," said with a grin
that even regular hits off'n that jug of vinegar (that the Faire Dora makes
me take whenever I go out with the top properly stowed).  But alas, this is
now my ONLY transportation (beyond shank's Mare, that is...).

The two '91 V8 5-speeds I know about are both items having an uncomfortably
ethereal quality.  My gratitude to both Dan, our beloved listmeister, and
Scott Philiben, for their efforts in locating these rare beasties is
undiminished, but the one Dan put me onto in CT has not come to the dealer
yet.  And the one Scott has made so many sacrifices in getting me the
owner's name and phone number, well, the owner is still undecided about
when he's going to sell and there is competition for it when he does.

So, in desperation (the salt season is upon us, nevermind the snow) I ask
all you Qheads out there, does anyone else have a lead on a '91 V8 5-speed

I am still pursuing the other two, but hope is fading (or I am getting
freaked about the prospect of the looming salted roads - or both)...

Anywhere in the US?