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tranny numbers

Mike wrote, in regards to speedo accuracy and going fast in the '91 200:

>My speedo seems to be pretty linear in regards to rpms. This time, I could
see the speedo behind my hand, but did glance at the tach. 
I seem to get 25+mph/1000 rpm in 5th
2000 = ~52 on speedo
3000 = ~77
4000 = ~104 (error starting to creep in)
5000 = ~129 (still pretty close)

Anyone else see about these speeds vs rpms?

I spent a lot of time between 4k and 5k this trip. 

Haven't looked at the speedo for any higher rpms. But it is pretty linear.
I do believe 6000 is above 150. Whatever it was, the fence posts were going
mighty fast  :-) And it felt like there was still room for few more  :-)<

Bentley says on page 34-10-2:  25 mph (40 km/h) per 1000 RPM in fifth.  Of
course this chart is suspect.  It says my '91 200qw ought to have a 016
tranny, code AUM with a AET final drive.  Oops, this can't be!  My car has
a 4.11 final drive ratio, the AET (re:chart) has a 3.889 final drive.  The
vehicle ID chart on page 00.2 shows my car as having an AOA tranny. 
Fitting somehow, but wrong!

To make a long, tedious story even longer:  my tranny has stamped on it ADZ
19 0X 0.  (I can't read the X).  This isn't even a Bentley option.  The
red, Audi maintenance book and the Bentley come to the rescue, of course. 
Your tranny type is listed amongst the options on your documentation.  Mine
has AAT and ADZ printed where your tranny type is (re: Bentley 00.3).  The
ADZ refers to the correct, but unidentified, tranny type.  The AAT refers
to the correct, but erroneously charted in Bentley, 4.111 final drive

I will agree with Mike (and Bentley) that 1000 RPM = +/- 25 mph.  I
wouldn't be so quick to blame "speedo error".  His numbers are darn near
exact for 1000 RPM = 26 mph.  Of course, what the speedo is actually
showing is that, in fifth gear, the engine/tranny is turning fast enough to
give him +/- 26 mph per 1000 RPM; with the big assumption that his tires
are exactly the correct circumference.  Larger tires and I'm going faster
than indicated (greater circumference per rotation); smaller tires =

To end this post, and answer Mike's question:  Yes, I do get the same
numbers.  As a matter of fact, I'm going to go out right now and verify
those numbers, right up to 130 mph.  I've got Pirelli P210 195/65 - 15's
with about 15k miles on them on the car.  These are a factory size (re:
fuel filler door). I could try for the 6000 RPM mark, but I wouldn't want
to break the law, the 210P's are only H-rated; besides, I have a ski rack
on my car.

I will disagree somewhat with mike on the power above 6000 RPM/150 mph. 
Yes, there's some more up there, but not much (stock, at least).

Joe Yakubik
(hey, I'm on vacation...)