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Ur-q for sale

In message <34AA262F@smtpgate.mavericks.bt.co.uk> "Lowe, Jonathon, LOWEJD" writes:

> I was looking at the Top Marques Interactive yesterday for Ur quattro's and 
> saw a J plate 1991 20 valve Ur -q for sale for only 13400 GBP.  The car has 
> covered 89000 miles has FVAGSH, is Titan Grey, has Half Leather, Alarm, 
> Immobiliser and Tracker.  Need less to say I phoned up about it and it had 
> be sold.  Well what a bargin, some lucky guy has a very nice car very cheap. 

Maybe.  There are at least two 20Vs on the UK CLub Register that have are 
rebuilt writeoffs.  Both have been done to an excellent standard, but the V5 
paperwork from DVLA is still stamped: "Vehicle subject of total loss payout".

Fancy coming up to John Robinson's over the weekend and letting us dig for your 
unintended acceleration problem?  He's just the other side of Melton Mowbray 
from you - about a 2 hour drive.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club