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84 4KQ center diff lock cable attachment?

I'm attempting to remove an engine/trans from a 84 4KQ
in preparation for installation in a 4KQ road race car.
I _thought_ that I had everything disconnected, but, then
discovered that the center diff lock cable is still attached
to the trans. I wuz able to disconnect the cable from the
pin on the trans, but the outer part of the cable is still
firmly mated to the trans. The car is on an incline, up
on jackstands, on a thick layer of semi-frozen leaves,
and is *very shaky indeed*. I 'cannot get it up any higher'
and cannot see what the (*&#$@ is holding the cable
onto the trans (frizzle-fratz and farumph!).

Anyone know what is still holding this cable on? Tool? Size?

I will need to detach this using the eyes on the ends
of my fingers.

Sure would like to make some progress with this over the long
holiday weekend...........