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'87 5Ktq Transmision leak/refill

Dear fellow Audi Lovers
My '87 5Ktq seems to have developed a leaking transmision.  I have not gotten
a chance to take a close lookbut the leak is on the right side (passenger
side) and the oil is dripping onto the cat.  Tomarrow (depending on the amount
of cobwebs in the head and tempature) I woud at least like to refill the
tranny so as not to run it too low on that essential lubricating fluid.  Where
is the fill hole and where is the drain plug located.  Do I need hoseing to
get to the fill hole? What kind of socket, wrench is needed for the fill hole
plug. what is the recomended weight oil?  Once again I want to thank every
body for the help that they have bestowed on this list.  I know that the help
that I have recieved from the list has let me enjoy the five Audi's that we
have in the family than would have been possible with out you all.

Happy New Years,