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Re: In persuit if the infamous codes the rev counter jumps to 7200rpm, and other anomalies..

Kenn Thyrsted Nielsen writes:
> In persuit of the infamous codes, i tried what someone described as the =
> earlier method; ie. activating both throttle switches, and the brake =
> pedal, i discovered that when i has activated both switches the rev =
> counter would constantly read 7200 rpm.
> ( Engine still idleing).

What you describe here sounds like the "code pulling" sequence that's
used on the 84-85 5000S Turbo cars (KH engine).  You activate both
the full throttle and idle switches, the tach shows 7000rpm.  You
then press the brake pedal once and read the tach.  Depending on
what the tach reads and whether the "check engine" light is on
you look things up in the Bentley chart to get the message.  If there
are more codes stored, press brake pedal again to repeat... etc.

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