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Re[2]: V8 For Sale

     Good point! I missed the reference to the value of the audio 
     equipment. However, unless you're a very serious audio buff who just 
     happens to like the original owners choice of equipment (and V8's) the 
     value of the equipment is moot (mute? maybe:) Judging by the mileage I 
     hope he likes repair bills too. 'Course maybe they just want to park 
     the car somewhere nice, and listen to tunes.
     Incidentally the same car has been advertised in the Toronto area 
     autotrader for at least 2 months. Now, if you could get the seller to 
     remove the audio equipment and sell it for $3,999 it would seem quite 
     a good deal :^)
     Regards, Mike

Did it have $30k worth of audio equipment in it? I assume this car is 
targeted at the audiophile, not the Audi-ophile.