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HELP: 200q start problems

Hi folks,
    I've tried to send this message three times now.. and it isn't being
cycled through for some reason. Here it is again:

I seem to have a starter problem. I turn the key and nothing. The voltage
gauge reads normal.. and their is no drain showing on the needle when I
turn the key. The headlights do not dim when I turn the key. There is no
noise from under the hood.. the engine doesn't turn over. Nothing at all

My guess is that it's the starter. Howerver, I'm hoping somebody has some
better (cheaper) ideas or perhaps a way that I can diagnose the problem for
sure before I plunk the money down for a new starter.  

This is the third major item to go down in the last 45 days! The alternator
was replaced two weeks ago. The PS pump was replaced two weeks ago. I threw
on a set of Hak1s on Steel wheels. You'd figure the Audi gods would be
satisfied. I'm seriously considering selling the 200q. Does anybody know
what a realistic selling price on my car? 


Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q TAP Chip