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Re: UrQ right hand motor mount

> 443 199 382 is a "hydo" mount and is rectangular in shape. It
> was fitted to post '87 UrQs. According to Jonas it will fit the
> early UrQs. Glen Powell also has experience with this mount
> according to Chris.

That is the part number listed for the 86-89 5kCSQ.

> The hydro mounts are expensive $150 list, $60 Carlsen. Plus

Are those the OEM that Linda is selling or the same aftermarket
ones that you mention below???

> Chris at Autobahn has German aftermarket mounts that fit
> almost all the 5cyl UrQs, coupes, 4000Q, 5000's as a single
> part. It is a beefy hydraulic unit designed to handle the max
> engine weight, as in a 5000tq w/ AC. It's $75. He says no
> shield required.