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Re: piston for mc engine

IPC has changed name to The Parts Connection (TPC) and their
number is 1-800-472-1144.  Good people.  Pick up some Pentosin
at $11 per liter while you're at it.

Paul Anderson: Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com

On Wed, 31 Dec 1997 10:59:20 PST "Mike Del Tergo" <mdeltergo@hotmail.com>
>In my experience, WR code 5 cyl, and from others I've spoken with, the 
>#5 is often the first to suffer damage due to poor cooling and heat 
>transfer in the rear of the engine bay.  While my car seemed to run 
>well,(less than 40K miles) I was losing power somewhere, I pulled the 
>head for a look around, it turned out that #5 piston was breaking up 
>between the rings. Luckily none of the metal bits got past the rings.  
>All the other pistons looked new as did the bores.
>I got my pistons from IPC, not sure of their new name.  @ $95, seemed 
>expensive at the time but virtually everyone said this was a deal.  I 
>would give them a buzz if you want to go new. If other listers don't 
>have the # I can prolly find it.  If you want used try Chris @ 
>Good Luck
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