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Re: MAC11b ECU Trials & Tribulations

> > > So, I put back in the salvaged ECU, but oops, I think I bent that
> > > transistor a little too far, yup, snapped off an NEC C2334
> > > into my pissed-off fingers.
> > > 
> > > The little bugger crosses over to a TIP 41C, but wouldn't you
> > > know it, NO electronics stores open Friday or Saturday other
> > > than ReamMe O'Shack, for whom a TIP 41C is a special order
> > > part.
> > I am looking into my faithful bible, "Philips ECG Semiconductor
> > Replacement Guide", which has never ever let me down.
> > C2334 crosses over to ECG54 (TO-220, high speed, NPN, Si, f=70Mhz,
> > gain=100)
> > TIP-41C crosses over to ECG331 (TO-220, high speed, NPN, Si, f=3Mhz,
> > gain=40)
> I think the Vcbo/Vebo of 150 ('54) /100 ('331) are more relevant than
> the f.
> I'll bet since this is just a simple low speed switching application,
> pretty much anything with Vxbo > 100 and _some_ gain will be fine.
> A quick look at the circuit board indicates this transistor is
> somewhat protected by a Zener as well.
> BTW, Doug killed his cold start valve :)

As it turns out, the closest electronics store crossed it over to an
ECG54... Tonight, we'll see if it works...

And I wondered what I would have killed... strange coincidence, 
since I was also pondering the cold start valve in another message...
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