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Re: Catering to used car buyers-parts

In the spirit of fun, allow me to point out that Audi has a history of low
sales due to overpricing.  Several recent reviews have pointed this out.
My '87 Ford Escort, which I personally bought new in '87, was just under
$4K.  A similar '97 Ford Escort, with the addition of airbag (because you
can't get them without) is now close to $12K.  The -real- cost of cars has
indeed gone up substantially.

However, maintaining the spirit of fun, I'll leave it at that, wink, and
wish you a happy new year.


At 12:08 PM 12/31/97  -0500, you wrote:
>Come on, Fringe, I thought we were going to tlet this go and now you're
>baiting me  :-)

>Here's a near flawless example.....
>My car, built in 1989, sold in 1990 sold for almost $32,000.
>Your car (as you've pointed out) is better and has more content and sold
>for LESS nearly 10 years later.
>According to your 11% compunding theory over 9 years
>(taking out all kinds of variables such as cost of materials, increased
>efficiency etc. ad infinitum)
>Your car might be reasonably priced at (conservatively, your words) over
>Oooops :-)